Alkaline Water Is The New Lourdes In Your Kitchen

in 1950, research was conducted in unique locations around the world.  For thousands of years these places have maintained legendary status as a natural source for ‘Miracle or Wonder Water’

Lourdes in France, Nordenau in Germany, Tlacote in Mexico, Delhi in India are four places this ‘Miracle Water’ was found. One thing they had in common was, Active Hydrogen… which today is commonly known as Alkaline Water.  All of these waters were:

1.Anti-oxidant (active Hydrogen)
2.Very Alkaline

So Enagic was established in 1974 manufacturing top quality water Ionisers  to hospitals in Japan and then from 1994 provided over 450,0oo domestic machines in Japan, where 1 in 5

•Established in 1974 in Japan (machines for hospitals)
•1994 – Domestic Kangen Water machine. Sold +450,000.
•2003 – Soft launch USA
•2005 – Office in Hong Kong and Taiwan
•2007 – Office in Vancouver, Canada
•2008 – European office in Dusseldorf, Germany
•2009 – Mexico
•2010 – Sydney, Australia and Italy
2012 –  Singapore , Malaysia, France


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