Alkaline Water – The Multiple Uses It Brings To The Home

I have listed below the multiple uses that  Kangen Water® ,produced from Enagic’s Water Ionizers brings to the home.
1  Daily drinking Kangen Water™. To keep the body properly hydrated, alkalized and detoxed to
achieve/maintain good health.
2  For taking supplements. Kangen Water™ has outstanding dissolving, extracting and anti-oxidizing
properties that will enhance the effectiveness of any supplements you may be taking.
3  As a skin toner. Use the produced mild acid 5.5 pH water as a skin toner to give your skin a
healthy, radiant shine.
4  After consuming alcohol. Dilute the acidity of the alcohol and prevent hangovers. Use  Kangen Water®
Water™ ice cubes with your drinks and ingest a sufficient quantity of Kangen Water™ before bed to
prevent a hangover.
   5  For drinking during meals. When eating acidic foods such as meat, egg yolks, white

bread, etc, drinking Kangen Water™ will help balance the pH.


6  For brewing tea and coffee. Kangen Water™ prevents tannin in the tea and allows the tea to
infuse fully, creating a rich color and taste. In coffee, Kangen Water™ brings out the aroma, color
and naturally acidic taste. Only half the amount of coffee beans are required to create the same full
7  For cooking. Kangen Water™ can be used to soak vegetables and meats, eliminating the strong
smells of onions or any game meat, for example. Kangen Water™ will bring out the natural flavors in
vegetables as well as a rich color in spinach and other greens. This natural flavor will require less
stocks and seasonings to be used. Kangen Water™ also has stronger heat conduction than regular
water, effectively cutting as much as 30% from cooking times. There are an estimated 30,000
restaurants and eateries in Japan already using Kangen Water™ to prepare their food and the quality
and cleanliness of Japanese food is world-renowned.
8  For cut flowers and plants. Plants experience great results when watered with Kangen Water™.
The life of cut flowers can be lengthened and health restored to sick plants. Seeding and germination
are also enhanced using the water and for varieties such as roses, which require a more acidic
environment, simply select an acidic setting of water for use.
9  For pets. When drinking 8.5 alkaline Kangen Water™, unpleasant odors from both their bodies and
waste will be eliminated. They will also experience the same great health benefits as humans.
10  For Artists and Painters. Kangen Water™ is exceptional when mixing paints. Colors are more
vibrant and a smoother texture is created. The brush glides across the surface with ease.
11  As an anti-bacterial cleaner. Use the produced strong acidic water setting to create a 100% safe
and natural anti-bacterial cleaner. Kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact. Can also be sprayed directly
onto the skin and into the throat to prevent a cold. Also ideal as a 100% safe alternative for
bathrooms, baby areas and toys.
12  As an all-purpose cleaner. Use the strong alkaline water setting to create a natural, chemical free
cleaner for glass, tiles, bench tops, etc.

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