Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy uses a process called photobiomodulation. Photons enter the tissue and interact with the cytochrome c complex within mitochondria. This interaction triggers a biological cascade of events that leads to an increase in cellular metabolism and a decrease in both pain and inflammation.

It helps reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and enhance tissue healing— both in hard and soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments, or even bones. It utilizes the body’s own healing powers by stimulating cellular activity.

How is deep tissue Laser Therapy different than cold laser?

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a Class IV laser. Class IV lasers can emit power between .5 and 25 w while class 3 lasers (low level laser therapy or cold laser) can emit only up to .5w.

You can treat a larger area with a Class IV laser. Because it can deliver more power, it takes less time to get the same therapeutic dose. For example, to treat a lower back with 6000 Joules, it would take 200 times longer witha class III laser!

What conditions does it treat?

Acute conditions: Particularly effective when it is administered as soon as possible following injury (assuming there is no active hemorrhaging). The faster the inflammation is reduced and the healing process can begin, the better. In the case of acute injury, laser therapy helps restore the body to normal function quicker.

Chronic conditions: Used most often to help combat persistent pain and inflammation. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy laser is especially well-suited for treating chronic conditions because it enables clinicians to treat a wider area of interest while still delivering therapeutically relevant dosages.

What does it feel like?

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy creates a gentle, soothing warmth. Many patients receiving LightForce Laser Therapy treatments report enjoying the experience, especially when a massage-ball treatment head is used to deliver what is often referred to as a “laser massage.”

Patients receiving treatments with higher-power lasers also frequently report a rapid decrease in pain. For someone suffering from chronic pain, this effect can be particularly pronounced.

How Many Treatments does it take?

Many people experience pain relief in 1 treatment. Recommended dosing is 2-3 times per week for 5-10 treatment sessions. Acute injuries usually require fewer treatments, while chronic conditions may need more. Laser treatments initiate the healing process and can continue to reduce inflammation for 24-72 hours after treatment.

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