Elderberry Benefits

The elderberry plant and its edible berries have been known to mankind for centuries for their astounding health benefits, but only recently they have become the subject of many scientific studies.


Elderberry or Sambucus Nigra is a plant of the genus Sambucus, which contains several species of shrubs and small trees. The plant is a native of temperate and subtropical regions like North America, Europe, Northwest Africa and South America. Elderberry plant is also known as ‘black elder’, ‘European elder’, ‘European elderberry’ and ‘European black elderberry’. The plant produces dark purple colored or black berries that are known as elderberries, which have been in use for a long time in North America, Europe, North Africa and Western Asia, as a folk remedy for a number of health conditions. This prompted a number of scientific researches and investigation in this direction, which have thrown light on this plant.

The Goodness of Elderberry
Elderberry is used to treat the flu symptoms, especially the influenza B. In a study carried out in the year 2004, there was a significant improvement in the conditions of the flu patients, who were given elderberry extract. This was due to antioxidant properties of the elderberries. Berries contain flavonoids, which have strong antioxidant properties and hence, boost the immune system to fight against viral and bacterial infections. At the same time, elderberries are also rich in a compound, known as anthocyanin, which has ant-inflammatory effect. Therefore, it can alleviate the symptoms like muscle aches, pain or fever associated with flu or influenza.
However, elderberries are not only abundant in antioxidants, but also in vitamin A, B and C and nutrients like, amino acids, carotenoids, tannin and rutin. Apart from strengthening the immune system, to fight against viral infections and flu, its extract is also found to be effective in conditions like colds, yeast infections, asthma, cough, nasal and chest congestions and diabetes. It can help to reduce the level of cholesterol and prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Oxidation of LDL cholesterol is considered as an important contributory factor for cardiovascular diseases. So, elderberries can provide protection against cardiovascular and heart diseases including, strokes and heart attacks. Stress reduction, vision improvement, improvement in digestion, are some other important benefits.

Elderberries can ensure general health and well-being of an individual, by strengthening the immune system and protecting against a wide range of diseases.

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This article was written and research compiled by Jan Rudeen, a Licensed Massage Therapist, at Moore Chiropractic Center in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.


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