In Pain? Try Laser Treatment!

Class IV laser therapy is a non-invasive, highly effective form of treatment for deep tissue healing. It is simply faster than modalities like ultrasound, and is a safe and effective alternative to drugs and surgery.


I traveled to Boise seeking Class IV Laser therapy because it was recommended to me by a neurologist after medication and treatment failed to address nerve injury and a terrible radiating pain in my left leg. It worked so well, I wanted to share it with my patients.” – Dr. Daniel L. Moore, D.C.


Since we began providing the LightForce Class IV Laser, we have had great success helping patients alleviate pain and accelerate recovery from a wide variety of acute and chronic issues such as arthritis, tendonitis, neuropathy and plantar fasciitis. Knee, hip, neck and back pain have also been shown to respond extremely well to treatment.


From our patients….


“I have plantar fasciitis and laser treatment helped with the inflammation and pain level.The laser has helped me stay active and keeps me working!” Sharon C.


“I have chronic lower back pain from years of hard work and the laser calms the inflammation and helps greatly.” Justus K.


“I used to get injections in both feet to treat my acute arthritis. After the first laser treatment, the pain dropped by 50%. Now.I am just getting laser treatment once a week, which seems to work well for me.” Pete W.


“I had laser right after getting a cut on my finger from work which healed my finger phenomenally!”. Duncan F.


“I had a hip replaced 2 years ago which changed my leg length, and my lower back never stopped hurting until I tried laser treatment. I walked in with pain, walked out pain free.”  Richard W.


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BIO: Daniel L. Moore D.C. has been in private practice for more than 30 years. His career began in Los Angeles, California in 1984. While working with Olympic athletes under Dr. John Thie, he mastered cutting-edge techniques like kinetic taping and Kinesiology. Dr. Moore’s advanced rehabilitation and athletic training has served Bonners Ferry and surrounding communities in North Idaho and Western Montana for over 20 years. He has continually led his field in the application of ground-breaking technologies including the LightForce Class IV Laser used in the treatment of nerve-related pain. Through his own personal experience with laser therapy, he chose to bring this treatment to his patients.

by Daniel Moore, D.C., Moore Chiropractic

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  1. I was in extreme pain for weeks and then received laser treatments from Dr. Moore and within a week I was without severe pain. I continued the treatments and after a month, I was pain free. I can’t say enough about the laser treatments and Dr. Moore’s care.

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