Ionization Of Kangen Water® – The Technical Explanation

If you are looking for a technical explanation on how  Kangen Water® is ionized and how that effects your body, then read this interesting report recently released.

An Ion is simply an atom or molecule that has lost or gained one or more electrons. In the case of
ionized water, that will be exactly one electron lost or gained. Ions are created by chemical action,
heat, radiation, and electricity – in our case, electrolysis of water.
A water molecule consists of one atom of oxygen and 2 atoms of hydrogen as illustrated above.
During electrolysis of water, something happens to many of the water molecules. They are ionized.
For that to happen, the bond must be broken between the atoms making up the molecule. The
bond between oxygen and hydrogen is not very strong. It is easily broken.
When the bond is broken, one of the hydrogen atoms leaves. Since oxygen has a stronger pull
(similar to the pull of gravity) than hydrogen, the hydrogen atom that leaves is stripped of its only
electron and it becomes a positive hydrogen ion.
Positive ions are not good. They steal electrons from other molecules leaving damage in their
wake. Not to worry. Remember, the positively charged hydrogen ion was expelled with all the other
positively charged bad stuff through the acid hose during electrolysis. It does not end up in our
Kangen Water™.
What does end up in Kangen Water™ is the hydroxide molecule that is left when a water molecule
loses a hydrogen atom. The hydroxide molecule has an extra electron. It is a negatively charged
ion. That is good. More about this later, but for now, suffice it to say that the more of these
hydroxide molecules, the better – and that depends on the number and size of electrode plates and
how slowly the water passes over them.

Free Radicals

You’ve heard of the notorious oxygen free radical. It is simply an ionized atom of oxygen that has
lost an electron. Oxygen is tenacious. It WILL get that electron back. It can steal one from almost
any other molecule, including iron. When that free radical steals an electron, it leaves behind a
damaged molecule which itself is now missing an electron and begins to act like a free radical itself
– causing a chain reaction of damaged cells that can only be stopped by an antioxidant, but more
about that later.

Free radicals are everywhere. Perhaps the main supply of them is in the air we breathe. We can’t
get away from them. When a free radical steals an electron from an iron molecule, it causes the
iron to rust. No matter where it steals from, it causes corrosion called oxidation. It is the resulting
oxidation of our cells that causes us to age and causes a multitude of diseases and ailments.
The only way to fight free radicals is with antioxidants. We can never get enough of them. That’s
why many people swallow huge numbers of vitamins and especially large vitamin C tablets. If we
did have enough antioxidants, we could not only fight off the free radicals that are invading our
bodies right now, but we could also repair the damage left behind by past free radicals. Isn’t that a
radical idea!?



Kangen Water™ contains huge doses of negative hydroxide ions. Again, the amount depends on
the number and size of the electrode plates in the water ionizing machine and how slow the water
passes over them.
Each hydroxide ion is an antioxidant just spoiling for a fight with an oxygen free radical. It has an
extra electron and wants to get rid of it. In fact, it wants to get rid of it so bad, that it is highly
unstable. That is one of the reasons Kangen Water™ cannot be bottled and stored for a long time
on the shelf – it will lose its antioxidant value! You need one of our machines! You should drink the
water as fresh out of the machine as possible, but anytime within 24 hours is still very healthy. If
someone tells you their bottled water is antioxidant and “restructured” (into micro clusters – more
on those later) don’t believe it!

In fact, that hydroxide molecule may just be the best antioxidant there is. And you get huge daily
doses of it when you drink nearly a gallon a day or more of Kangen Water™. There is as much
antioxidant value in a single glass of Kangen Water™ as in several dollars worth of vitamin C, A,
and E. This feature along with Kangen Water’s™ alkaline and micro cluster features may explain
why Enagic chose the name “Kangen” for its water. Kangen means to return to original and it is
thought that it will help your body to restore itself and all its organs to their original youthful

Since you’ll now have enough antioxidants, and to spare, isn’t it important that you have the right
kind of antioxidants? The molecular weight of a hydroxide molecule is only 18. All other
antioxidants have molecular weights of more than 100! Take a look at the following table…


Kangen Water™ & Common Antioxidants  – Molecular Weight
Kangen Water ™                                                                   18
Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene)                                             150
Vitamin E                                                                               153
Vitamin C                                                                               176
That means that hydroxide molecules can get into your cells. Even diseased cells that have had
their cell walls hardened by oxidation caused by free radicals. And, oxidized cell walls don’t let in
much. They keep out lots of nutrients even when you are eating right, and they keep heavy metals
in. Kangen Water™ will help your body to repair those cells and make them healthy again.
Remember for later that free radicals damage molecules and cells in our body and that damage is
called oxidation.

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

How do we prove that Kangen Water™ is loaded with antioxidants? Simple. With an ORP meter.
What’s that you say? Let me explain.
Free radicals are missing an electron and that means they are positively charged. An antioxidant
(in our case, hydroxide) has an extra electron to give away and that means it is negatively
charged. If water shows a positive voltage on an ORP meter that means the water is loaded with
free radicals. If water shows a negative voltage on an ORP meter that means the water is loaded
with hydroxide antioxidants.
Remember again that the damage caused by free radicals is called oxidation. An ORP meter
measures Oxidation-Reduction Potential. It shows the electrical charge present in the water. A
positive reading shows that the water has a potential to cause oxidation or corrosion or rust. A
negative reading shows that the water has a potential to reduce oxidation or corrosion or rust.
Water with negative ORP readings simply does not occur in nature!
In fact, a rusty nail left long enough in Kangen Water™ will be restored to its new, shiny, bright
condition. It doesn’t just stop the rust; it reverses it – that’s oxidation reduction at its best! And
your organs will receive the same friendly treatment from Kangen Water™.
The picture below  shows ORP readings for tap water (+383 lots of free
radicals), bottled water (+393 even more free radicals), and Kangen Water™ (a whopping -497
loaded with antioxidant hydroxide!). Notice that bottled water you pay so much for is both more
acidic and more loaded with free radicals than common tap water.

Micro Clustering

Water molecules stick together in clusters. A normal cluster contains up to 14 water molecules.
Electrolysis breaks the bonds between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms in a water molecule to form
hydroxide (antioxidant) and hydrogen ions. Electrolysis also breaks the bonds between water
molecules in clusters forming smaller clusters.
The small clusters in Kangen Water™ contain as few as 5 water molecules. These small clusters
can go wherever they want inside your body. They make the water an even better solvent. It more
readily dissolves the nutrients in your food and your nutritional supplements – and carries those
nutrients (and the hydroxide antioxidant ions) into even the smallest capillaries of your body to the
most neglected cells.
Not only will this more solvent water improve your nutrition, it will greatly improve your hydration!
I have heard with my own ears several people say they have consumed a gallon or more of water a
day for years only to go to their doctor and receive a diagnosis of dehydration!!! Unless your cells
are healthy, tap water will not hydrate them properly, but Kangen Water™ will!
Hydration enables regular and improved bowel movements. It enables the body to rid itself of joint
pains. Kangen Water™ is the “wettest” water you can drink. Proper hydration adds immeasurably
to your overall health and its importance to you and your family should not be underestimated.
A warning is in order here. Kangen Water™ should not be used to swallow prescription medication.
It simply makes it work too fast and too effectively and that may not be what the doctor had in
mind when he or she decided on the proper dose for you.
While Kangen Water’s™ solvent power may not be what you want when taking prescriptions, it is
very good for other things like when you eat healthy foods or take nutritional supplements.


The 3 main features of Kangen Water™ work together in a symbiotic relationship that can’t be matched.
They say oil and water don’t mix. Well, that’s true when you are talking about tap water. Notice how the
oil and water separated in the glass of tap water on the left on the picture below. But, it’s but not true with Kangen Water™.
The oil in the glass of Kangen Water™ on the right was emulsified immediately on contact with Kangen
Water™ into a sort of a beige milkshake, and it will stay that way.
Micro clusters, like hydroxide ions, are unstable. The molecules will bond again into larger clusters
over time. Again, the size and number of the electrode plates and how slowly the water passes
over them all help to determine the size of the micro clusters and how long it will take the water
molecules to re-bond into large clusters again. So, again it matters how long you keep the water
after it comes from the machine until you drink it. You simply can’t store this water for a long time
and expect to get the same antioxidant and micro cluster benefit as from freshly ionized water! You
should drink Kangen Water™ within 24 hours. Again, you need one of our machines! If someone
tells you their bottled water is antioxidant and “restructured” (into micro clusters) don’t believe it.



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